Saturday, November 23, 2013

BOOKED: Rachebeli Wines

It was Rachebeli Wines' 6th anniversary so they offer good deals for bookings done yesterday. From my previous post, I already mentioned how I really have Rachebeli in mind for the PS gifts. I've read a lot of good reviews about them especially in W@W and Girltalk.

Ms. Chelo during the Wine Talk
Good thing, there's Wine Talk by Ms. Chelo while we're roaming around so we got the chance to watch her short presentation and get to taste her Black Plum wine and chocolates too. She talked about how to drink wine and surprisingly, while I am not a drinker and do not like the smell of wines, their Black Plum wine is good.

So right after the Wine Talk, we headed to her booth and talk about reservations. We get to taste her Mango wine and Mango flavored chocolate too while on their booth. Ms. Chelo said that she will offer 3x free chocolates for bookings done from 5:00-6:00 PM. So we continued walking around first then decided to come back at around 5:30 PM.

Our first ever booked supplier
Reservation is only Php1,000 plus their wines are affordable plus the 3x free chocolates so instead of just 12 bars of chocolates, we got 36 bars. Ain't that awesome? :) She also showed us different packaging and labels.

I almost book for 2 packages (12 pcs 750ml for the PS gifts and 24 pcs 360ml wines for every table on the reception plus 72 pcs chocolate bars) but while waiting for the 5:00-6:00 time, we drop by Margarush and we decided that we'll get them too so naisip ko baka super dami ng alcohol yung iseserve. Ms. Chelo said should I change my mind, just inform her. So we'll think about it first. After all, I think it's nice to have wine during the toasting din. Then Margaritas for the after party.

Before we leave her booth, she hugged me and congratulated us. It gave me goosebumps because it made me realized that we booked a supplier na. And we are really tying the knot na. Yey!

Booking on the fair meant raffle tickets. For every Php500 of reservation fee, you earn 1 raffle stub. Wishing from my lucky star that despite that we only got 2 stubs, we will win. :) fingers x.

Rachebeli Wines

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  1. It is our pleasure and honor to be part of your team. Aja!