Thursday, November 14, 2013

Food Tasting #1: Quido's

I bumped into Quido's sa Girltalk. Upon checking their packages, I must say they are one of the cheapest. I search reviews about them and all are good naman. Plus factor is that their chairs are already tiffany at no ADDITIONAL cost (maximum of 150 pax). Eh non-negotiable ni J ang tiffany chairs. So I emailed Ms. Gina and scheduled a food tasting.

It happened yesterday at the Madrigal Gallery beside ATC. When we arrived, they are still prepping the area and there's another group doing their food tasting too. Wendy assisted me and showed me around.

Presidential Table Set-up
Couple's Backdrop
Buffet Set-up

Table Set-up
Wendy said the couple availed the Standard Package. So the above photos are all included in their basic styling. She said they only have one color for the table cloth (for the round ones) which is cream but they have vast collection of colors for the table runners. Plus they don't limit the number of persons for the VIP table. Some caterers kase usually have maximum allowable number.

J's concern is that the tiffany chairs (of course!) looks worn out na. If you are not maselan, ok naman yung chairs nila. It's just that J really wanted tiffany chairs so I think yun talaga yung pinansin nya. My cousin who accompanied us said she thinks the set-up looks plain and basic. Well, basic/standard package naman kase 'to. Wendy said I can show them my peg and they can try to replicate it. And if premium package naman yung iaavail, there are pricier flowers to choose from din.

Now for the food tasting part, we were ushered to a table outside the venue. When we arrived, they asked kung ilan daw kami. There were 3 iced teas, 3 waters & 3 salad on the table but when the plated food was presented by the head chef, it was only for 2 persons. I thought they made a mistake but 2 lang talaga yung sinerve although the other group na nagfofood tasting din (4 pax) have plates each. Nahiya lang ako sa cousin ko kase I invited her for her opinion. But partly, it's my fault na din 'coz I didn't confirm kung ilan kami. She did not asked din naman kase kaya I thought they're not strict sa number of pax. We ended up sharing a plate.

Reminds me of Wendy's salad because of the jelly. Taste wise, OK naman. Typical garden salad with lettuce, corn, cheese, cucumber and thousand island dressing.

Clockwise starting from Pasta: Fettuccine Carbonara, Roast Beef, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Fish Fillet with Sweet n' Sour Sauce, Buttered Veggies 
Mixed reviews kami for the pasta. We all love carbonara so excited kaming tatlo to taste this. J and my cousin think its bland. For me naman, sakto lang sya. Not dry, not runny din naman. Pasta is not overcooked. Yun lang, sabi nila matabang daw.

Next is the Roast Beef. Malambot yung karne and malasa naman. OK din yung serving size nya. Pasado sya samin tatlo.

For the Chicken Cordon Bleu, favorite din namin ang Cordon Bleu but this one's different. The usual Cordon Bleu that we know and make is chicken with ham and cheese inside. But their version has ham and peppers that changed the flavors (in an interesting twist). I loved peppers so OK sakin that I can taste the peppers in every bite. OK din sya for J but my picky cousin (haha!) said so-so lang sya.

We would prefer our fish fillet to be served with tartar or ranch sauce so hindi namin masyado naappreciate yung dish. Although the chef said they have other sauces to choose from naman. Sauce aside, hindi malansa yung fillet and hindi oily although hindi nadin sya crunchy maybe because nababad na sya sa sauce.

Buttered Veggies. Medyo hindi sya masayang tingnan and hindi din crunchy yung veggies. Plus, meron syang kalabasa which is unusual. I did not finish it but J did. He said so-so lang yung dish. If we ever get Quido's, I would get a different veggie dish.

I did not eat the rice (diet lang,haha!) but it looks masarap naman. Hindi mukha yung mura bigas lang.

Mango Jelly
Standard package offer 1 dessert only. Good thing, 3 Mango Jelly naman yung binigay samin. We often make Mango Sago (almost same with Mango Jelly but with Sago) at home and it wouldn't last long so we're excited to try this. Unfortunately, its not that cold when they served it. But taste wise, ok naman sya. Not too matamis, not matabang naman. Meron nga lang mga mango na maasim pa (not their fault naman). Serving wise, medyo maliit yung shot glass nila. I forgot to ask if my guests can go back for more desserts.

Quido's is still on our list but we are not booking them yet. We'll schedule food tasting with other caterers muna before we decide.

Quido's Catering
Ms. Gina Napolis 0917-5747202

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  1. Amazing pictures. The food is main thing in any party. In my wedding we had all kinds of Italian food which was served by exotic event venues Chicago itself. All of guests loved food and praised for it. Really loved all arrangements on my wedding day done by wedding planner.