Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pencil Booked: Imbitado Events

We thought we can pull the wedding off without the help of coordinators. After all, we have friends and cousins who can assist us on the day itself. But w@w help me realize that coordinators can make or break your wedding. We will be spending a huge amount of money and effort for this wedding so might as well invest in a good and reputable coordinator to help us.

We have met a couple of coordinators during the bridal fair in Megamall last November and we (I personally) liked a few. I tried searching for feedbacks in w@w and GT regarding them but no reviews (either good or bad) came up. So I decided to look for other coordinators with good reviews. 

So we bump into Imbitado Events. I have read TONS of reviews about them in w@w and GT and not a single negative one, all are positive and full of praises for Ms. Ayie's team. I decided to shoot her an email and she replies fast (+ point!). Her rates are not the most affordable in the market but I wouldn't mind as long as kampante ako that she will deliver. 

Here's her rates and inclusions:

I discussed this with J and he gives the "go signal" to pencil book them to reserve our date. I told J I wanted to book our coordinator first before booking other suppliers so she can assist us and give feedbacks on our shortlisted suppliers. I want our team to have camaraderie so our wedding will be smooth sailing. We couldn't book her yet as we need to go back to SBC first to confirm our slot. At least we have 1 month before we confirm with Ms. Ayie. Also, J wanted to meet her personally first before finalizing everything. He wanted to know if we will "click". We haven't decided yet if we will get her hosting service as we want to see samples of her hosting skills. She invited us to watch one of her events and then we will decide.

So yesterday, we pencil booked her and she replied with the contract for our perusal.

I am happy that we got to book her (even if it's not final yet) because I trust her and I've read so many good reviews about her and her team. =)

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