Sunday, January 26, 2014

Initial Draft of Entourage List

When we first do a mock entourage list months ago, we came out with almost 60 persons all-in-all considering we originally are only looking for 4 pairs of PS, the big chunk goes to the BM and GM (both of us coming from a big group of barkada) . Now for our first real draft, we already have 7 pairs of PS so we decided to cut off the numbers of BM & GM. We still have a couple of blank spots that we have to fill but we're really having a hard time trimming down the list.

It was hard to decided who and who not to include. It was hard erasing and tallying. Not to mention this is only a draft of the entourage and we are not on the guest list yet. LOL

We already informed overseas friends regarding our wedding to give them ample time to plot their leaves and vacations. Especially that some people on our entourage will be coming overseas.

Most probably we will update the list mid of this year to fill in or change (i hope not) the list.

Small details but hey! we're moving.. =)

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