Sunday, April 27, 2014

Food Tasting #3: Queensland's

This is the saddest FT we had so far. I am seriously considering QLD prior to the FT. I was fervently hoping that it would turn out well because I have high hopes that I might get them. Yes, there are mixed reviews for QLD, some horror stories I couldn't even imagine. But I am a lurker to their FB page and I must say, the styling is at par with other suppliers out there. I've read somewhere that now, the daughter is the one managing the business that's why they offer styling already so I think that's one of the reasons why they are improving on their services.

So here goes our sad story. We contacted Michelle first week of April to schedule our FT. Due to the Holy Week, we end up getting the Apr 27 schedule. Days prior to the date, I called Michelle to inform her that we will be coming as a big group even though food tasting is only good for 2 persons. I told her we are preparing for 3 events (2 debuts + my wedding) and aside from the 6 pax, we might tag along 3 more pax totaling to 9 pax. She said we need to pay Php250 each extra person, I said no problem.

We arrive at Citadella Clubhouse at around 3:40-3:50. There was already a lot of people inside. We registered as 3 groups and paid 2 extra persons for the first group. The 3rd group decided that they will not avail of the extra person anymore. So we paid Php500.

Stub # 44-46 + 2 extra persons
 We are seated at the corner where the sun is glaring and I guess because the clubhouse is overflowing with people, the air-condition units are struggling to keep the hall cold enough. Getting food is by stub number. The buffet spread is positioned in an L-shape where one person will get from the right side then the other person will get from the left side. Extra person can get food from left to right. When it was our turn to get food, there's a couple of chaffing dish that are empty already. J asked one of the servers if he can go back once the chaffing dish are filled again. This server replied "yes, balik kayo next Sunday". @@ Aside from a lot of food running out, servings are so tiny. We never even get the chance to try the 1 dessert offered during that FT.
What was left on the left side of the buffet
the VERY SAD plate of one of my companions.
that's what's left on the right part of the buffet
the sad and untidy looking cream of pumpkin soup
(this is exactly how we got it from the buffet table)
To be fair, the food is not really bad. I particularly like the lengua, sotanghon, lasagna, chicken flambe (just the sauce and ham since I didn't get the chance to taste the chicken), roasted pork and mashed potato. But I really got disappointed with how our FT turned out.

We still waited for Michelle and discuss the packages. I found out they had price increase the day before the FT but it's only minimal (Php10 per package). I asked if we can try other dishes and she said what they offer in their weekly FT are fixed and doesn't change. She said they hold FT not to showcase their set up and different food offerings but to let guests taste their dishes. We are particularly eyeing the Diamond package and I asked about the other menus. She said we can arrange for a special FT where they will serve what I want to try but we have to pay for it and minimum is Php5,000 depending on the menu, good side is it's good for 10 persons.

QLD sadly doesn't get the vote of my companions, including J. But I want to give them a try again. Probably we will go to there an hour earlier to get the earliest slot and so we can try all the dishes on a decent serving. I was talking to a fellow W@W (hi sis Marriane!) and she said the couple on their table also paid for extra persons and since they are early, they get to try all the food and servings are big.

For now, still on the look out for other caterers.

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