Saturday, July 26, 2014

DIY: Overseas Save-the-Date

I've mentioned before that we wanted to give our overseas friends ample time to prepare (and to think if they wanted to come to our wedding, haha) so we decided to send STD to our overseas friends more than a year before the wedding. In that way, they can plot their leaves, buy luggages, check for promo fares and do their other preparations.

So, my very own graphic artist came up with this STD. :)

The luggage colors represents our motif, the places were each of them are based is represented by the planes and the concept is basically an invitation to travel... for a wedding. :)

It will be printed on photo magnets and will be sent to them ASAP. We already contacted our supplier who will print the STDs and once we have it, we will begin sending it out.

Two DIYs done, gazillion more to go. :)

DIY: The Monogram

Presenting, our Monogram.

Noun. a design consisting of two or more alphabetic letters combined or interlaced, commonly one's initials,often printed on stationery, embroidered on clothing, etc.

I have bullied pressured wait for J to come up with our final design. I wanted to have the final monogram before we print our wedding paraphernalias. It took us a couple of months before we come up with our final monogram. J spent a lot of time squeezing out all his creative juices to show me  a wide array of samples that we can choose from. We even had a small fight along the process and I told him we'll just pay someone to do our monogram but in the end, he said he wanted everything personalized. And I'm glad I believed him.

This may not be the most perfect monogram, in fact, to some, it may not even look good. But this is us. This represents us. And the journey that we will walk on during the wedding preparations.

Finally, we can start doing our STD, WYB and stuff. One excited bride-to-be here. :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Supplier Hunt: Photographer

This is one of the major suppliers that is really giving us a headache. I often say I am only willing to splurge on 3 suppliers: Caterer, Photographer and Videographer. Caterer because that's the only memory that the guests will remember. Photo and video because that is the only memory that will be left to us.

Since early part of 2013, even before we started seriously planning, we are already in search of our P/V supplier. On my last post, I mentioned about my heartbreak with Nicolai. Then we became busy with work that we weren't able to really scout for P/V. Then while I was browsing my FB news feeds, I came across a picture of my friend and my goddaughter. And oh my! I was blown away.

my friend and goddaughter
the shot that gave me the "this is it"
I've known Ding because he covered my goddaughter's christening last year. But I thought he was just doing it as a hobby. Found out he cover weddings and other events din pala. So we chatted on FB then since we live on the same village, we set up a meeting the coming weekend.

J and I were accompanied by my sister and cousins. We set the meeting at 1 PM but dumb moment, I left my phone at home. So we are already at the meeting place since 12:30 after an hour, he's still not there. I had to call back home and ask my other cousin to search my phone and send me his mobile number. When i called him, he was already having lunch with his family but he drop by and said he'll just finish his lunch. Found out he had been texting me since morning to confirm if our meeting will push through but he didn't received a reply from me. Haha! Sorry, my mistake. So we had lunch na din and just meet up after. 

He was accompanied by his photographer/partner and after a small chit-chat, we go straight to discussion. They presented their rates and sample works. Surprisingly, their package is so affordable, not to mention that there will be no OOT fee. 

sample works of Inio
They have day jobs and just shoot as freelancers. I saw a couple of their shots and what we really like are the clean, crisp and colorful shots. Their style is photojournalistic and I appreciate that they just want to do fun shoots. They really don't concentrate on weddings per se, lately they've been covering debuts and birthday parties. But I think what's important are the passion and talent. We also had fun during the meeting, kwentuhan lang and wala ilangan.

So, you ask, do we found our photographer now? I think so. Did we block the date yet? No. Haha.. Well, they said we can forego the down payment since we lives on the same village but we want to give din naman down payment. They will cover my sister's debut and that's confirmed. We are yet to meet with another photographer next month then magdedecide na kami.

On a different tone, I hope everyone's spared from the Typhoon Glenda. We don't have electricity for three days but thankfully no one in our family is hurt and no properties were destroyed. Keep safe everyone!