Monday, November 18, 2013

Reception Hunting: Ayala Westgrove Heights

Since we are getting married (hopefully) in St. Benedict Church, we are looking for reception venues near the area. It would have been nice to have reception in Tagaytay but I think the travel time is too long already. So for now, we are scouting clubhouses, private properties for rent, hotels around Sta. Rosa.

We weren't able to see the clubhouse of Ayala Westgrove Heights because according to the guards, you need to have a sponsor to rent it and your sponsor will be the one to contact the office and schedule for an ocular. It would have been nice to have your reception here because proximity-wise, isang tumbling lang 'to from St. Benedict Church.

How near?

We're standing on the grounds of St. Benedict Church while taking pictures of the entrance of Ayala Westgrove Heights so it's really near.

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I still hope we can have this on the list of our options because not only is it adjacent to St. Benedict Church, it also look beautiful.


  1. hi sis! alao a decmber 2015 bride here and meand my fiance instantly fell.inlove with st benedict but our far is we cant find a great reception area besides angelfields. do you have any suggestions? btw, i love reading your blog :)

    1. Hi Ebony! Thank you for reading my blog. :) When we decided to book SBC, we are set on a mission of finding nearby reception venues that we might consider. Aside from Angelfields, you can check out The Hills, Alta Veranda de Tibig, Teofely Gardens, Monochrome, nearby clubhouses & hotels (Nuvali area na 'to). We planned to do an ocular this weekend, I hope my schedule permits. Happy planning! :)

  2. Everything was perfect, the drinks and food was amazing. Even the coffee was wonderful (this is the true litmus test for a venue, as event coffee is almost never warm, fresh and tasty).

  3. Hi I am a bride to be currently eyeing SBC for the church. if you still have the contact details of the reception venues you checked for your wedding please please please, kindly email me at It would be a very big help. Thank you!

  4. Hello. Were you able to book Ayala Westgrove?