Saturday, November 23, 2013

Before I Do Bridal Fair

It was our first time to attend a bridal fair so I don't know what to expect. I just brought a big bag (not to mention big, empty bag) for the flyers. Good thing I brought one as it was filled with soooo many flyers when we finished checking out booths. I didn't know flyers would be THAT heavy when compiled.

We arrived at around 12 noon on the first day of the fair and good thing, walang masyadong tao pa. Since we already pre-register months before the event, we just show the printed tickets and we were given the color-coded wrist tags. White for the bride/groom/debutante and green for companions. J and I were accompanied by my sister and my cousin. When we entered Megatrade Hall 3, medyo nahihiya pa ko to walk around as the exhibitors are sort of expecting you to check their booths and I hate the attentions. But slowly I began to feel at ease na din. I began to ask questions, check albums and portfolios and displays.
Some of the flyers
There were a couple of suppliers that caught our attention and a few whom we are sure to book once we finalized the date. I realized it was a bonus in decision making on how the exhibitors treated the guests.

My favorite exhibitors on this fair
If you are really on a budget, I suggest go to bridal fairs as you can get big discounts and a lot of freebies there. Some are giving away up to 60% discounts. And with the freebies, panalo ka na. We just don't want to decide right away as 1. we haven't finalized the date yet 2. this is our first bridal fair and I don't want to be impulsive 3. I still need to do my research on feedback about my shortlist.

Special shout out to the following suppliers:

RF himself on his booth
RF is one of my dream supplier. His work are really nice and he is easy to talk to. If not for having other options for our photographer, I would have picked him right from the start. And of course, I didn't let this chance pass without having a photo op with him. I just posted it in my FB page.

Filterpan are real-life husband and wife who's passion is to take photos. The wife (I forgot to ask for her name despite our lengthy conversation) is personally talking to guests. I so love their prenup video ala Asyong Salonga style. I am thinking of getting them for our prenup/engagement shoot because they are excited about my concept and I can really see that they can deliver. The other guy tending the photobooth is also nice. He looks snobbish but he says "God Bless po" when we leave their booth and that was really nice.

OMG. Their Classic Lime Margarita is to die for! Super sarap! I'm not really a drinker (even cocktails) but when I tried their sample, it was soooo yummy. Sa sobrang sarap, I forgot to take a pic of it. Haha! Plus their prices are affordable.

Margarush & LSTmobile have the same owner so if I get them both, I will pay for only 1 OOT fee which is good. Plus their packages for the lights & sounds are reasonable naman. Not to mention that they almost have the cheapest OOT fee for Sta. Rosa, Laguna. We will just check their previous works and we'll decide.

They have the nicest flyer. :) So it's a plus point. Another plus point is that they have a wide array of choices depending on your budget. We haven't checked sample of their works so we haven't included them yet on our shortlist.

They both catch my attention. Ruby from FYI events is the first coordinator we have passed during the fair. J and I felt at ease talking to her. She doesn't sound too pa-impress. For Events on Demand, one of the coordinators showed me a checklist that they will let us fill out regarding the event such as supplier's details, who to call for games at the reception, who will give speeches, etc. and they are the only one who showed me that kind of checklist so they caught my attention. I will look into other coords pa din but they're already on my shortlist. Besides, I still have to search for reviews regarding their services.

There were a handful of HMUA exhibitors on this fair and they are all offering trail makeup sessions but after walking around, binalikan ko talaga si Ms. Ria for a trial. I was a bit hesitant at first as there are many bystanders but I felt comfortable with her. I also felt at ease talking to her and walang "hiya" factor. The only thing that kept me from booking her right on the spot is that our date is not final yet. But I really love her work. Once I booked her already, will post my before/after pic for the trial. Julia, her assistant, is really nice and jolly too. I love her team! :)

Last but definitely not the least, Ms. Chelo of Rachebeli Wines. One of the reason why I registered on Before I do is because I want to visit the booth of Rachebeli Wines. Long before we started talking about getting married, I already have them in mind for our PS gifts. Ms. Chelo is so fun and easy to talk to. They are our first booked supplier. Will talk about it on a separate post.

Our "Before I Do" wrist tags
It was a really tiring day. My bag is so heavy from the flyers we have collected and our feet aches from the long hours of walking around. We also commuted from Laguna to Megamall because our car is coding so it was an added burden pa as it's Friday and traffic is terrible but our first bridal fair was a success. I get to meet awesome suppliers, got to personally talk to my preferred suppliers and get the feel of supplier hunting. Will definitely go to more bridal fairs because it is kinda addicting. Haha!

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  1. hello, a!

    i am sorry for this super late comment. i just saw your detailed post of your visit at our event.

    i'm happy that you had fun and i hope your visit helped you in choosing your suppliers. i hope you were able to come back to the next series to book your suppliers.

    btw, is it okay if we repost or feature your experience in our website?