The Proposal

It was a normal busy Friday. Days prior, he had been asking me casually if I wanted to try Le Garden - a Chinese Restaurant in the area. I was apprehensive as I was tired from work but I was thinking since it will be our monthsary the day after, might as well go and have a fancy dinner.

I dressed casually with a blouse and jeans skirt. My sister tagged along dressed more formal than me. When we arrived, J asked for a corner table. The lady assisting us ushered our group to the left corner and J asked if we can be seated on the right side. Knowing me, he knows I prefer to be seated on corners and sides so it doesn't give me a hunch. What triggered my alarm is the right corner table was reserved so the lady asked if we can be seated elsewhere. Then a guy appeared and said "No, it's OK. They can seat there". and they lady blurted "ah, for sir J." So I looked at him quizzically and he just brushed it off. I noticed while we are being seated that all the servers are looking but I think it's just normal. What is NOT normal is that the chefs, the cashier and practically everybody is observing. But I just brushed it off again thinking he can't make the arrangement there as I know where he is the past couple of days. We had dinner while chatting about our day. I brought up the incident with the lady saying "Sir J" but both of them nonchalantly brushed it off.

After dinner, he asked me if he would get the bill already. I said yes. I noticed again that the same man that ushered us to the reserved seat give a simple nod and I thought it has something to do with him getting us the bill. When he came, I noticed the bill holder is bulky and obviously something is inside. The waiter insisted that I accept the bill. I was dumbfounded. I don't know what to do. The music began playing, J asked me to accept the bill. When I opened it, there's a ring box inside. I cannot think straight as I do not know how to react. I opened the box and there's a dummy ring inside with a note. I opened it and it says "will you marry me?" How am I supposed to react? Should have said "About goddamn time!" LOL. I almost blurted, "we've been booking suppliers already! Isn't your question a bit late?" LOL.

I said YES.

Then he slip the real ring on my finger.

And we are OFFICIALLY engaged.

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