Saturday, July 26, 2014

DIY: Overseas Save-the-Date

I've mentioned before that we wanted to give our overseas friends ample time to prepare (and to think if they wanted to come to our wedding, haha) so we decided to send STD to our overseas friends more than a year before the wedding. In that way, they can plot their leaves, buy luggages, check for promo fares and do their other preparations.

So, my very own graphic artist came up with this STD. :)

The luggage colors represents our motif, the places were each of them are based is represented by the planes and the concept is basically an invitation to travel... for a wedding. :)

It will be printed on photo magnets and will be sent to them ASAP. We already contacted our supplier who will print the STDs and once we have it, we will begin sending it out.

Two DIYs done, gazillion more to go. :)

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