Monday, May 26, 2014

Food Tasting #6: Alba's

Alba's Catering is not really on the original list of my prospected caterers. I haven't read enough reviews about them and they are not really that sikat sa w@w and GT. But I tried contacting them anyways and their packages are almost the same with Queensland's. Our scheduled FT was moved for at least 3 times before we were given a slot. I think they give priority to events na malapit na. It is only when I vent out my frustration (in a nice way) that we already tried scheduling for 3 times did the AE obliged to us. After I said that she kept on rescheduling us, she texted non-stop about the schedule and make bawi naman to assist us.

When you come from Tropical Ave., nasa bukana lang sya ng El Grande Street (right side). Medyo nalito lang kami sa map na binigay ni Cherry coz it's indicated na Kristine's Garden. When all along, the sign says Alba's pala and then the garden is inside.

We were ushered into their office. Then later one transferred to the adjacent room. It is not the usual FT where you get to try the dishes with other couples on a dressed venue complete with waiter and table/buffet arrangements. The food is prepared on trays then you get to try their main dishes. No salads, appetizers, pasta & desserts.

From Top Left (Clockwise):
Chicken Cordon Bleu - the sauce is buttery and the breading is still a bit crunchy. The meat is not really moist, but not really dry. My companions liked it.
Pork Baby Back Ribs - they are very tender but I don't like my baby back ribs to be sweet. I want it to be salty and spicy.
Chicken in Char Sui Sauce - this is so yummy! The sauce doesn't look so appetizing because it is so sticky but nonetheless, it is good.
Fish Fillet with Tartar sauce - this is good. No malansa after-taste. In fact, you wouldn't think it is fish. And the tartar sauce is so yummy!
Fish Fillet in Sweet & Sour Sauce - this is good, too. Hindi malansa and the sauce is yummy. I would have preferred the breading to be crunchy though.

From Top Right (Clockwise):
Pork Asado - it is like eating the Siopao Asado filling. I'm biased coz I like Siopao Bola-Bola. I don't like sweet sauces.
Buttered Vegetables - this is sooo yummy! you can taste the butter in every piece of vegetable. It is so flavorful.
Beef Kaldereta - meat is tender but I would prefer my Kaldereta to be spicy
Beef Stew/Korean Stew - The meat is tender pero the sauce is nagsebo na. I like my Korean Beef Stew to be spicy, too.

Overall: We particularly love the fish, chicken and vegetable dishes. It is yummy and flavorful. But if we will choose them, we would pick different pork and beef dishes. I think their dishes are yummy naman based on the fish, chicken and vegetables. Matter of preference na lang since I don't want sweet sauces/dish.

We are seriously considering them for my sister's debut. Package starts at Php425++. For our wedding, we will have them on our list but have to try others pa then we will decide.

I appreciate din that their add-ons are really not expensive and they are not really strict with corkages for additional drinks or food.

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