Monday, May 26, 2014

Food Tasting #5: Juan Carlo

I first tasted Juan Carlo's food from a friend's wedding more than 10 years ago. I can not remember anymore how the dish was but I think it was not really that spectacular. The serving was small and the food taste so-so. But during the Big banquet at the Blue Leaf, we got to taste Juan Carlo's food again and we so love their salad and dessert. It was really yummy! So when I saw on their site that they will have a food tasting at Fernbrook, I emailed them right away to reserve a slot.

Me and J was accompanied by my sister, who is also on the look out for a caterer for her debut, and our two male cousins. We arrived early. Medyo hindi ok yung pagdating namin dun because I think the AEs are still preparing and they are huddled on one table while we are standing there waiting to be acknowledge. I think it was an awkward 1-2 minutes before someone approached us. Yung medyo hindi OK na moment na yun, nabawi naman because Zarah, the AE assigned to us, was very machika and nice. It would have been better if she let us eat on our own first after discussing the packages then just come back after. Mahirap kase magdiscuss ng taste and presentation na merong nakikinig. Nonetheless, she was nice naman and offered so many freebies.

upgraded set-up

Sopa de Congrejo
The blue lemonade is sooo yummy. I drank a couple of glasses because it is refillable. We were served two kinds of soup. Sopa de Congrejo and Fresh Mushroom soup. I haven't tried the Sopa de Congrejo but J said it tasted bland. The Fresh Mushroom soup is OK naman.

Clockwise from Rice:
Rice - I forgot what it's called but tasted like Java Rice
Penne Carbonara with Bacon - tastes good (biased because I love Carbonara)
Mongolian Vegetables - tastes like Mongolian :) which I like
Pork Geneva - I don't like this. It has a strong aroma that I don't like
Chicken Hongkong Style - a bit dry but taste OK
Kare-Kare - this is yummy. I love kare-kare and this taste good
Salmon in Tequila Cream Sauce - better than Queensland's version :) But I am not really a fish person so ok lang sya for me

Clockwise from Rice:
Roast Pork with Prunes & Walnuts - this is sooo yummy! I really liked it.
Stir Fried Vegetables in Oyster Sauce - I liked the veggies. Parang chopseuy but with  Oyster sauce
Fish Steak with Tomato & Vegetable Salsa - I like that the fish is not malansa though I would prefer if it's crispy
COS Chicken with Piri-Piri Sauce - Spicy grilled chicken which surprisingly is not dry
Ox Tongue with Buttered Mushroom/Mashed Potato - I love lengua! And this does not disappoint me
Angel Hair Puttanesca - more on like an italian pasta than a pinoy one. But taste is OK

Pictures of how the main courses are presented at the Buffet Table:

Fruit Tarts - they are yummy but I would prefer it cold sana
I forgot the name of the one with the cherry on top but it's like meringue with cream and fruits - taste ok although sweet
Coffee Magnifico - this is to die for! If you've seen my Juan Carlo post from the Big banquet you would know we already tasted it there. This time, it is not chilled, mas ok sana if chilled, but as expected masarap talaga
Pandan Pannacotta (not on picture) - I don't know why they called it as Pannacotta because it's just like Pandan Jelly

Zarah offered us A LOT of freebies such as free centerpiece upgrade, free buffet upgrade, +2 desserts, +1 pasta, upgraded backdrop, 50 pcs. brewed coffee but we did not book on the spot. Wala pang "this is it" feeling and my concern is the food's not warm when served. Ganun din experience ko 10 years ago. Plus I think their servings are a bit small. But taste-wise, they are OK.


  1. sa food tasting lang sila masarap yung actual daming flaws

  2. sa food tasting lang sila masarap yung actual daming flaws