Their Story

The B2B:

She is the elder of 2 siblings,both of whom is female. Born in Morong, Rizal and raised in Biñan, Laguna. A graduate of B.S. in Physical Therapy from De La Salle University. Currently working as freelancer for Odesk.

The H2B:

He is the younger of 2 siblings,both of whom is male. Born in Manila and raised in Biñan, Laguna. He was a graduate of B.S. in Information Technology from Colegio de San Juan de Letran. Currently working as an IT Analyst in one of the hospitals here in the south.

Their Friendship:

They met through a common friend way back in 2001. They were both freshmen in college. The common friend is A's close friend in elementary and J's tropa in highschool and college. It was a time where texting and cellphones is still booming. They became friends through text that soon led to endless hours talking on the phone. They where just plain friends, in fact they both have their respective partners so they didn't think meeting up is necessary. A's in a long-term relationship all through out. J's having relationships on and off that 5 years. In fact, they don't have constant communication. They would become busy with their lives and they would change numbers so they will lose contact for a couple of months then talk again and pick up where they left then lose contact again then talk again.

4 years after:

A was single and just enjoying it. She was already an intern by then and would go on friendly dates with guys introduced by friends. J just broke up with her then GF. They both where there on each other's hard times as well as in good times. One morning (2 AM) in 2005, A was on the phone with someone she goes on a friendly date with and her other phone beep. It was J just sending a nice quote. The guy on the other end asked who it was and A said it's J. The guy said, coming from a guy's POV, that J likes her. She just brushed it off saying what they have is nothing special and just plain platonic.

The Meeting:

Since they're both single already, they decided to finally meet up. Nothing romantic or special. Just hang out like long-time friends. J visited A on her school and they had dinner. And they've been in constant communication again.


A graduated from college and soon came back home in Laguna. (She used to stay in a dorm near her school). Since they live near each other already, they went on a friendly date again. Soon they were hearing masses together and would watch movies after. That one dinner led to breakfast and lunch outs too. No official courtship. They just hang out and soon they realized it's becoming constant. But they are not ready to enter a relationship yet.

September 24, 2006:

After hearing mass, they had dinner at Pizzahut. And everything just happened. They just become a couple. A month after, J introduced A to his parents. She was the first girl he had formally introduced to them. 3 months after they become a couple, A introduced J to her parents.


12 years of friendship and 7 years of being together and they decided it's about goddamn time to get married. No proposals yet. Because J knows A is expecting it. So he's taking his time and would strike when she least expect it.

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