Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Food Tasting #4: The Big Banquet (Part 3)

When I think of Bizu, first thing that comes to my head are desserts. I have no idea how their food taste. I like their dessert buffet set up that night. Their chairs are also so old school that brings back childhood memories.

Wild Mushroom Deep Dish Quiche - 2
Mini Eggs Benedict - 2
Smoked Salmon with Dill Pistachio Mousseline on Short Bread - 2
Three Cheese Spinach & Mushroom Ravioli Pasta - 3
Cucumber Lemonade - 2
Macaron de Paris - 3
Nirvana Trifle with Dark Chocolate & Pistachio Creamer & Rocher - 3

Overall Comment: They offer quite a few selections. Their set up is very dainty and girly. I like their desserts. I like the ravioli. But that stops there. I did not like the rest of the food I have tasted. The Lemonade tasted like my cleansing juice. Haha.

Center Table
We are already in a rush because we only got less than 30 minutes to finish with all the caterers. Plus we are so full that we are just dragging our feet to each caterer. Since patapos na din yung event, madami na din yung ubos na and makalat na. But their food is OK naman. OK din ang set up.

Eastern Shrimp Rolls - 5
US Certified Black Angus Beef - 4
Strawberry Sansrival - 2
Green Apple Iced Tea - 3

Overall Comment: Sila lang ang nabigyan ko ng 5. Their Shrimp rolls are super yummy and not to mention hot. Kaya nag enjoy kami kainin. The rest tikim-tikim na lang sa sobrang busog. I don't know bakit hindi ko napicturan yung food. Grrr.. I don't like their sansrival. Tasted like super lamog na strawberries.

First time to hear about them. Pero their food is OK din naman. Hindi ko na lang naenjoy kase nakakasuka na. Not their fault naman.

 Andre's Poke - 2
Roast Pork Belly with Lechon Rice - 3
Pauline Chocolate - 2
Raspberry/Tamarind Iced Tea - 2

Overall Comment: What I appreciate it that their Pork belly is so tender and the skin is so crispy. I also like the sauces for the wraps. Andre's Poke is spicy. The chocolates are super bitter. I didn't enjoy it even though I love dark chocolates.

Nice set up. Damask + Black/Red is nice. Food is OK din but what I really love is their Callos.

JalapeƱo Stuffed Croquettes - 3
Callos - 4
Arroz con Leche - 2
Fruit Blended Iced Tea - 3

Overall Comment: I love their Callos. Day after the event, I'm still craving. But yun lang nagustuhan ko. Hindi ko na naenjoy yung Croquettes even if I love croquettes kase super busog na. The dessert is a bit bland so I didn't like it.

Sulit ba yung Php500? YES. I may not have met my 'this is it' caterer on the event but I enjoyed the whole experience. Will I go to future events like this? Absolutely! :)

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  1. Hi. This is a really helpful post. Would like to ask if you happen to know when is the next Big Banquet Event? Your response would be really appreciated as it would help us decide which caterer to book on our big day. Thanks :)