Monday, May 26, 2014

Status: Officially Engaged

OK. That is a bit funny, don't you think? Ours is not the conventional type of engagement. We've been planning for the wedding for more than 6 months now but we just got engaged last Friday. We've been together for more than 7 years now. It was a long overdue engagement. We've been talking about getting married half way through that 7 years. But certain things happen beyond our control so we have to leave it up to God for we know if it's really God's will, it will happen.

One of the reasons why it took us a couple of years more before deciding to tie the knot is because my one and only sister. I've been her second mom already as our parents are away from us. We have a 13 years gap. She opposed to me getting married. I think part of her thinks she would lose me if I get married. I am lucky that J respects that and wait for her to finally let me go. It was just last year, when she finally said it's OK for me to get married already and start my own family. And we are here now planning for the wedding...

My kwento about the proposal can be found here: The Proposal

should have said "finally!" instead :)

I have to give credit to J. I really underestimated his capabilities and taste. LOL.. For one, nakalusot sya sakin sa pagplan ng proposal nya. Second, this is his own design inspired by a couple of rings that we've been checking out.

My sister's note when she shared our engagement photo
I think mas excited pa nga sya. Inunahan ako sa pagannounce in social media. LOL.

Now, I am officially engaged. Full wedding planning from now on. :)

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