Sunday, November 17, 2013

Church Hunting: St. Benedict Church

A couple of months ago, while looking for churches near our place, I learned about St. Benedict Church. It became popular because it is where Shalani Soledad got married. I saw pics of the church on the net and I showed it to J and he instantly liked it.

So yesterday, after a couple of postponements, we went there to hear mass na din. It took us a little over 30 minutes drive from BiƱan to reach the place. When we arrived there, I was literally feeling so-kilig! I don't know if that's what you call the "this is it" feeling but I feel like a teenager seeing her crush after vacation. Haha! Basta, iba yung feeling. Like I was seeing myself walking the premises in my wedding gown!

gentle reminder: picture overload :)

These are the exterior facade of the church in different angles

And one of the reasons why I had this feeling na "eto na talaga"? This.
Look at that outdoor aisle
And THE door
Why I fell in love with St. Benedict Church before even seeing the insides
The place is sooo peaceful. Reminds me of Pink Sisters in Tagaytay but a lot more serene. If you've been to Pink Sisters, that's the kind of vibe you'll get here. Mas reserve nga lang yung place as super konti lang ng tao and ng nadaan na sasakyan.

And now for the insides.
Very nice architecture
The ceiling

I appreciate the spacious chairs

Just OC. :) I so love the details on the chairs
And the altar shots

The church, inside and out, is simply stunning. No need for extra decorations. Because the facade itself would look good on your pictures na.

Here's their Wedding Brochure:

The Parish Office is located on the right side of the church beside the restrooms. We were entertained by Red and Ms. Baby. Now here's the catch: they said they are not sure if they can accommodate us for December 24. (heartbreaking) But still they log our names and said they will just inform us if Father Isagani will approved of it. So as of this moment that I'm composing this post, we are still waiting for the text regarding that.

To wrap up this post regarding St. Benedict Church, here's my summary:


  • Beautiful and stunning facade
  • Serene and peaceful surrounding
  • Still preserved unlike churches in Tagaytay where in IMHO are already common
  • Have the option of the use of aircon during the ceremony
  • Well-kept restrooms
  • Ample parking space
  • BPI bank nearby (across the street)
  • Stores nearby (across the street) - still have to check if it's open already
  • Strict rules for the wedding ceremony
  • Liturgical songs only for the ceremony (processional song included)
  • No choir provision 
  • Would be difficult to reach the place if you're not familiar in the area
  • Difficult to go there via public transportation
  • Sound system - I don't know if it can be adjusted pero sabog yung sounds and it's difficult to hear someone on the microphone (This is my main concern)
Amidst the cons, I still love St. Benedict Church and would still want to be married here.

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