Thursday, November 14, 2013

Setting the date

We know for sure that we want a December wedding. There's just something in it that really spell "romantic". Not that we are a mushy couple but deep inside we are a romantic couple.
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Aside from that, I love the Yuletide season. The smell, the sounds, the festive mood, the food! Something about Christmas makes everyone happy. :) Planning for a December wedding is such a breeze to me. I just know that every aspect of my wedding would spell C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S.
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My mom and aunts are based in Paris and they only get to be home either August or December. August is J's birth month BUT it is also a ghost month (Haha!) so I don't want an August wedding. So December it is.

Now for the date, our anniversary is Sept. 24 so we arrived at December 24. :) That is not yet final but we are almost sure that we want a December 24 wedding. Lots of things to consider pa such as my mom and aunt's arrival, guests who can come for a Christmas eve wedding, supplier's price for a December wedding (not to mention a Christmas eve!) and other logistics. But God-willing, plans will push through for a December 24 wedding.


  1. hello sis.. when wedding date nyo? hehe ♥
    GT sister here :)

    1. Hi sis! We originally planned to have it by Dec 24, 2014 but we decided to move it to 2015. :) How bout you?