Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Change of Plans

We are set to get married December of next year. But sudden change of plans. Little side kwento first, as I have mentioned on my previous post, my mom and my titas are based overseas. J and I are already talking and (sort of) planning our wedding but I haven't formally told my mom yet. Well apparently, J sneaked behind my back and called mama last month. She told me weeks after, while I was making kwento to her that J and I are talking about settling down that J already called her and asked for her blessings. And she gave her blessings. (yey!)

Now, since Mama and my titas are based abroad, they usually come home every August or December (mostly August). So they already reserved a ticket for August next year. We also had plans already on where to go on August for our yearly family vacation. And though she said it's OK if they will not go home on August and just go home on December for the wedding, I don't want it naman. So J and I had the talk again on whether we will push through with the wedding next year or set it to 2015. And we decided that we will move it to December 2015. So that Mama and my titas will go home August 2014 (as what's the original plan) and instead of  August 2015, they will come home for our December for the wedding. 

2 years of preparation. A part of me is thinking it is too long but I know time passes by so quickly so that wouldn't be that long anymore.

I think there's also a good side in having a December 2015 wedding. More time to save, more time to look for THE suppliers, more single time :)...

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