Tuesday, February 25, 2014

BOOKED: Margarush

This is the supplier that J and I know we really wanted to be part of our wedding. When we tried their Lime Margarita on a fair last November, it was love at first sip. That's how good it is. So we hunt them down last Saturday to reserve our date. The day before the fair, I had lunch with my college bestfriend and I've mentioned about frozen margaritas for my wedding and he said it would be better if I'll jut book a mobile bar to have other options. It got me thinking but my heart is really set for Margarush. Actually, J and I already talked about it since his friends are hard drinkers so we don't think they will enjoy margaritas (since it is a ladies' drink). But we both loved Margarush and we can't think of letting it go. Haha!

When we drop by their booth, Kuya gave each one of us free taste and as expected, my two male cousins liked it as well. They urged me to book them right then and there. Haha! Kuya is so makwento din and mabait. He gladly gave us another round of margaritas while making chika to us. He also suggested that since the package comes with just 100 personalized cups, we can opt to bring our own plastic cups instead of ordering additional cups since it's Php1,500/50 cups (Tipid tips! :)). Too bad (but good news too) that they are serving the Lime flavor again. Kuya said they initially prepared 2 flavors but the other container was busted so they were only able to offer 1 flavor. Yes, we are a company of five and we each have 2 shots of margaritas (total of 10 cups) but I wasn't able to take a picture of it. Bummer! Was too excited sipping it, I guess. :)

2nd Booked Supplier
OOT fee for Sta. Rosa Laguna is Php2,500 and we got a Php2,000 discount for booking in the bridal fair so looks like we will only be paying Php500 as OOT fee. We are scheduled to have our drink tasting on the next bridal fair in SMX and we're excited. :) Roxy (the owner) is a pleasant lady who is nice to talk to. Side note: we haven't decided on our L/S yet but we might also get their LST mobile since we will only pay for 1 OOT fee for both Margarush and LST (nice deal, eh?)

Hay Margarush... you are loved. :) I know you will be such a hit come our wedding day.

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