Sunday, February 23, 2014

2 Mobile Bars?

Prior to booking Margarush, we drop by GQ Mobile Bar's booth first just to try other options. We tried other mobile bars on the fair last November but we didn't liked it. Now with GQ Mobile, I've read many good reviews in W@W and GT about them. Not only are their drinks good but they also have cheap packages. I also mentioned that my bestfriend think I should just get a mobile bar and forego of Margarush to have varieties of drinks so for options, we checked GQ first. I asked the bartender for their margarita and although it is good din naman, it's not as suave as the one Margarush offers. Yung sa GQ kase "humahagod sa lalamunan" yung alcohol. Haha!

The owner and the bartender are both accommodating (not to mention the bartender is cute) Haha! The owner (sorry I forgot the name) said they're not strict with the number of persons in a package as long as there's supplies. They also accommodate "stop time" since the packages cover 4 hours only of unlimited drinks.

Aside from the margarita that I've requested, my cousin also requested for the Black Forest and they said it is good. My sister drink even the last drop. :)

Black Forest
The bartender concocted another cocktail for me which he said is their bestseller for the ladies. The Appletini is good, too. Tama nga yung mga nabasa kong reviews that their cocktails are good.
I forgot to take a picture of the Margarita but all in all we tried 3 drinks lang. We ALMOST booked them prior to booking Margarush. But we decided to drop by Margarush first. Now we are torn... since we already booked Margarush (which I don't have any regrets), I also want GQ Mobile. Haha! Hindi pa ako drinker nyan ha. I just want our guests to have a good time. For now, on hold muna ang GQ until we can decide if we will get them as well. We will have to check with our budget first and will put it in our "nice to have" list muna for now.

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