Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Short Trip to the Land Down Under 2014

I've been working as a freelancer in Odesk for over 2 years now. Close to a month before my first month in Odesk, I was hired by an Australian businessman to do desk tasks for them. I often say that freelancing is not really for everybody but I am always thankful that I've found my niche here.

Fast track to 2013, Dan (my Aussie client) mentioned that they have plans of bringing me over to see their production and warehouses. Originally, we are looking into 3rd quarter of 2013 but it's been moved and set aside a couple of times because of schedule conflict. Finally, first week of February, we began discussing the itinerary and the documents needed. Within a week, all the documents from them was mailed to me and visa application fee and visa lodging fee was transferred to my account. I lodge my visa application last Wednesday. The courier picked it up in my house and the waiting time begins. What's good about Australian visa application is that no personal appearance/interview required. You can schedule for a pick up from their partner courier and the courier will also deliver the results to you after. Easy and hassle-free. I thought it would take a month for the visa application to be processed but this morning I received a text that it was already in transit back to me. Then this afternoon, I received the same envelope I have submitted to them. No other documents inside except the OR for the visa fee and the Visa Grant Notice. Another thing with Australian visa, they don't need to stamp your passport as they are already computerized. You will have to pay $70 if you want your passport stamped.

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So Australia, here I come! I may have apprehensions of going because I am soooo used to being in my comfort zone (hence I find it so enjoyable working at home) but this is an opportunity I know I shouldn't miss.

Wedding Prep Mission: on the look out for wedding paraphernalias in Oz. :)

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